how to make.espresso martini ?

Making an espresso martini is an easy and fun way to enjoy a classic cocktail. It’s made with just a few simple ingredients and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Here’s how to make an espresso martini:

1. Start by gathering your ingredients and equipment. You’ll need a shot of espresso, vodka, coffee liqueur, simple syrup, and ice. You’ll also need a shaker and strainer.

2. Begin by making an espresso shot. If you’re using an espresso machine, you’ll need to fill the portafilter with freshly ground espresso beans and tamp it down. Then, place the portafilter into the machine and pull a shot.

3. In the shaker, combine the espresso, vodka, coffee liqueur, and simple syrup. Add the ice and shake for about 10-15 seconds.

4. Strain the mixture into a martini glass.

5. Finally, garnish with a coffee bean or a chocolate-covered espresso bean.

And there you have it—the perfect espresso martini! Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What ingredients are needed to make an espresso martini?
Answer: To make an espresso martini you will need espresso coffee, vodka, coffee liqueur, and simple syrup. Optionally, you can also add a few drops of vanilla extract.

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